Top Victoria Domestic Violence Attorneys

Jeremy Carr
A criminal defence lawyer practicing in the areas of Penalties and consequences, shoplifting,drug charges, impaired driving, assault charges, spousal assault, commercial crime and fraud, sexual assault, and theft and possession of a stolen property.
Location : 520 Comerford St, Victoria, BC V9A 6K9
Phone : (250) 310-0808

Mulligan Tam Pearson Law Corporation
Mulligan Tam Pearson Law Corporation is a law firm located in Victoria, BC Canada. We also handle cases in other parts of British Columbia and Canada. We have lawyers who can assist with a variety of cases. Whether you’re looking for a criminal lawyer or an ICBC lawyer, we can help.
Location : 3rd Floor, 536 Broughton Street, Victoria, BC V8W 1C6
Phone : (250) 480 4040

Geofrey D. Simair Law Corporation
We are a Victoria law firm dedicated to defending people facing criminal chargesor motor vehicle related cases such as drunk driving or impaired driving. Areas of Practice Handling: Impaired Driving and other Driving Offences; Drug Offences, including Marihuana; Cultivation and Trafficking; Assault and Violent Offences; Theft and Fraud; and more.
Location : 203 - 1005 Broad Street, Victoria, BC V8W 2A1
Phone : (250) 385.4500

Dinning Hunter Lambert & Jackson
We can assist you in areas of summary conviction offences and indictable offences. Services: Impaired driving and other driving offences; Trafficking, possession of narcotics; Assault; Theft, fraud and other property offences; Sexual Offences; Drug charges and offences; and Other serious offences, including murder.
Location : 1202 Fort St, Victoria, BC V8V 3L2
Phone : 250.381.2151

Donald J. McKay Law Corporation
We represent clients charged with all kinds of Criminal Code offences, from shoplifting to murder. Our role is to help you through the process, and we will provide the best advice possible, which may include recommending actions that you can take without a lawyer, if it is appropriate.
Location : 1027 Pandora Ave, Victoria, BC V8V 3P6
Phone : 250-381-2616