Top Santa Ana Domestic Violence Attorneys

Castle & Monarch Law
Whether you or your children have been victims of domestic violence or you have been wrongfully accused of perpetrating such acts of abuse, we can help you make sure that you and your children are safe and fully protected and that all parties involved receive fair and truthful treatment.
Location : 5 Hutton Centre Drive, Santa Ana, CA 92707
Phone : 714-668-0271

The Law Office of Tracy C. Miller
I represent individuals in the legal practice areas involving criminal matters and restraining orders, with a focus on domestic violence issues. Domestic Violence Legal Center also handles civil harassment restraining orders and issues pertaining to emergency protective orders (EPOs) and criminal protective orders (CPOs).
Location : 2677 N. Main Street, Suite 850, Santa Ana, CA 92705
Phone : 949-429-8098

Law Offices of David L. Smith
Orange County criminal law attorney David Smith can represent you if you are facing criminal charges for violent crimes such as assault, armed robbery, homicide or gang-related crimes. We also defend clients against "three-strikes" charges, which carry extensive jail time and call for the most aggressive representation possible.
Location : 1905 East 17th Street, Suite 122, Santa Ana, CA 92705
Phone : 714-280-8522

Law Offices of David P. Schwarz
Orange County family law lawyer David P. Schwarz fights to protect the rights of clients facing complex family matters. With dedication and focus on the needs of his clients, Mr. Schwarz stands by clients during this difficult time in their lives.
Location : 3 Hutton Centre Drive, Suite 620, Santa Ana, CA 92707
Phone : 714-361-9875

Law Offices of William W. Bruzzo
Mr. Bruzzo has been especially successul in handling domestic violence cases. The penalties for domestic violence can be severe. Domestic violence defenses require a lawyer with Mr. Bruzzo's experience and familarity with the courts. Mr. Bruzzo often works with experienced juvenile law attorney Katie Walsh on matters involving juvenilles and victim's rights.
Location : 1851 E. First Street, 9th Floor, Suite 900, Santa Ana, CA 92705
Phone : (714) 547-4636