Top Salem Domestic Violence Attorneys

Spalding & Wood, LLC
We have the know how, skills and experience to handle your case powerfully and efficiently. We are able to offer assistance in the event of divorce, custody hearings, appeals as well as all aspects of family law.
Location : 2767 SE 22nd Street, Salem, OR 97302
Phone : (503) 567-9257

Saucy & Saucy P.C.
We have expertise in handling marital dissolution proceedings involving child custody, parenting time, division of property, complex tax aspects, and challenging legal issues.
Location : 475 Cottage Street NE, Suite 120, Salem, OR 97301
Phone : (503) 362-9330

Kevin C. Gage, Attorney at Law
For over 31 years, I have specialized in helping people with some of the most difficult decisions and struggles of their lives. My practice is dedicated to working with my clients to achieve agreements on difficult family issues, such as custody and support.
Location : 348 Leslie Street SE, Salem, OR 97308
Phone : (503) 399-1355

Feibleman and Case P.C.
While best known for our Child Custody, Spousal Support and Complex cases involving extensive property interests & hidden income, we represent a range of individuals with all kinds of family law issues. We are committed to being effective advisors to and advocates for all our clients.
Location : 1815 Commercial St. S., Salem, OR 97302
Phone : (503)-399-9218

Elaine D. Smith-Koop, LLC
At Elaine D. Smith-Koop, LLC, Elaine understands how overwhelming these sensitive situations may be, and how strenuous the dispute can be on the family. My family law office offers more than 20 years of legal experience and works diligently to resolve these family matters.
Location : 675 Church Street, NE, Salem, OR 97301
Phone : (503) 485-3807