Top Minneapolis Domestic Violence Attorney

Judith Samson Attorney At Law
Whether you have been arrested on federal drug charges, sex crime accusations, white collar crime charges, fraud crimes, domestic abuse or other serious criminal offense, I will bring over ten years of legal experience to helping you resolve your concerns.
Address : 310 Fourth Avenue South Suite 1050, Minneapolis, MN 55415
Phone : (612) 333.8001

Thomas C. Gallagher
Gallagher can put this to work for you. He can represent you in any state or federal court Minnesota criminal defense case. Practice: Crimes against a person, sex crimes, drug crimes, domestic crimes, white collar crimes, crimes against property and federal court criminal defense.
Address : Suite 8000, Flour Exchange Building, 310 Fourth Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55415
Phone : (612) 333-1500

M. Sue Wilson Law Offices, P.A.
M. Sue Wilson handles a full range of family law matters including: Marriage Dissolution, Marriage Separation Child Custody, Visitation Rights, Child Support, Spousal maintenance, Marital Estates and Business Valuation, Domestic Abuse, Alternative Family Law Issues, and Appellate Practice.
Address : Two Carlson Parkway #150, Minneapolis, MN 55447
Phone : (612) 340-1405

Law Offices of William K. Bulmer II
My firm handles all criminal matters from, domestic assault, harassment restraining orders, restraining order violations, juvenile crimes, drug crimes, property damage, kidnapping, burglary, expungement, fraud defense, assault, burglary, traffic ticket defense, sex crimes, murder / homicide, probation violation, theft, robbery, disorderly conduct, order of protection, etc.
Address : 310 Fourth Avenue South Suite 900, Minneapolis, MN 55415
Phone : (877) 890-3874

Speas Law Firm, PA
Speas Law Firm defends all criminal defense cases including:DWI & DUI Defense, Drug Crime Defense, Theft & White Collar Crime, Prescription Drug Crimes, Assault / Domestic Defense, Terroristic Threat Defense, Violation of Order for Protection, Mail Fraud & Wire Fraud, Mortgage Fraud Defense, Sex Crime Defense, Prostitution Defense, Investigation/Pre-Charge, etc.
Address : 310 4th Ave S Suite 1050, Minneapolis, MN 55415
Phone : (612) 333-6160