Top Louisville Domestic Violence Attorney

Aleksander Law Office
Aleksander Law Office practices in the areas of Traffic / DUI, Bail And Bond Reduction, Misdemeanors, Felonies, Probation Revocation, Sentencing, EPO's / Domestic Violence, Expungments, and Warrant Court.
Address : 310 W. Liberty St Suite 311, Louisville, KY 40202
Phone : (502) 589-0816

Brandon Pfeiffer
Brandon Pfeiffer is an experienced attorney who has sucessfully represented everday people in a wide variety of legal matters. He handles cases as simple as traffic violations, and as complex as felony assaults and rapes.
Address : 455 S. 4th Street Suite 1071, Louisville, KY 40202
Phone : (502) 922-6082

Gailor Law Office, PLLC
At the Gailor Law Office, PLLC, we concentrate on three areas of law: personal injury, criminal defense, and family law. Our attorneys have been serving the legal needs of our friends and neighbors since 1964.
Address : 730 W. Market Suite 100, Louisville, KY
Phone : (502) 410-3874

Barrow & Weigel, PLLC
Barrow & Weigel is a small Kentucky law firm based in downtown Louisville. We proudly serve clients in the Louisville area and surrounding counties. At Barrow & Weigel, our family law attorneys focus on Kentucky divorce and child custody matters.
Address : 239 S 5th St. #600, Louisville, KY 40202
Phone : (502) 410-3874

Law Offices of William L. Hoge, III
Mission is to provide honest, caring and affordable legal services of the highest possible quality. Bill Hoge's law practice has been devoted for many years to handling divorce, domestic relations, parental rights, child visitation, child support, child custody, advocating for fathers' rights, domestic violence, and more.
Address : First Trust Centre Suite 400 South, 200 South Fifth Street Louisville, KY 40202
Phone : (502) 583-2005